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Mr. Kushal Mamarde
Founder  |  Communications Manager

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Kushal has done his BE Mechanical from MMCOE & Post Graduation in Marketing from SCMLD, Pune (which was headed by Industry Stalwart - Prof. MS Pillai Sir along with A grade faculty).

Photography has been his hobby since childhood & Communications is his passion.


He believes that after 3 years as a freelancer, he could leave his full time job (Business Development + Client Relationship) & start Fab Media Works (FMW) due to strong support + very positive feedback from Clients. Thus, today as well, he & his team tries to make sure that a FMW Client receives fabulous experience + visuals.

Kushal was directly involved in execution from 2014-2017. As the technical team & associates developed, who handle execution + editing, he took the role of Client Communications + Consulting full time since then.

He has travelled almost 70% states of India, has done several internships + jobs since childhood which has shaped him as an individual. 

Kushal believes that we as human's owe a lot to the society & whenever the opportunity knocks, we should be willing to help others in our own capacity.

His blood group is rare i.e. O -ve, which he has donated 18 times during emergency situations.

Also, he has been -

A Volunteer + Photographer with Headstart Pune for 4 years (2015-19)

Lions Club member for 6 years (2016-22) wherein he was part of many social activities

BNI Member for 2 years (2017-19)

To know more, please feel free to check his social media accounts, like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook.

Fab Memories 

High-Quality Photography, Cinematography & allied services

FMW Business

Visual Content Production for Professional & Personal Marketing 

The Fab Media Works team aims at providing high-quality visuals along with a fab client experience

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