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        In today's competitive world, Right Marketing is the key to sustainable growth. We provide Media (Photo/Video) Solutions that helps our clients in their Digital/Print Media, e.g. Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Brochure, Magazine, Album, Frame, etc.  It's our passion to deliver work that satisfies the specific need of the client. FMW's passionate & dedicated team makes sure that the client has a hassle free experience in all the stages of an assignment.

     There might be no urgent requirement, but feel free to come down to our Office/Studio. We believe an informal discussion over tea/coffee can do wonders.

​​BE Mech | PG - Marketing

 Founder/Director - Fab Media Works (FMW)

I'm an extrovert person and Travelling and Photography are my hobbies since childhood. Being from a Business family, I'm exposed to Business/Customers since childhood and have a natural inclination towards Marketing

I got my start in the world of Media when I was working with VisionKraft Media Works Pvt Ltd in the area of Sales & Deployment. I was a part of diversified projects that involved Photography and film production. Since then, I have pursued my childhood passion of photography in a new direction. Mr. Bejoy Peter (Executive Producer, VisionKraft) has played a role of a catalyst for me & FMW since it's inception.

As a professional, I make sure that client requirement is well understood before the execution starts.

Right team helps in right execution and I make sure that our team is delivering as per requirement.


Our philosophy is simple:  Never rest on your laurels. We excel at the fine art of handling even the most difficult situations. Hire us, and we will make sure that you get the work delivered in a fab way.

Mr. Kushal Mamarde

Core Team

Mr. Siddhant Sankpal 
The lead Photographer - Fab Media Works

( The FMW Team )

​​​​​​Fab Media Works

Siddhant is one of the most enthusiastic member of FMW family. He is a passionate photographer & understands post-processing as well. He currently handles a team of 4. His relatives are connected to Marathi/Hindi Entertainment Industry, and thus, at a younger age, Siddhant has a creative + mature approach/attitude while working on a project. His out of the box thinking, eagerness to learn and exposure helps us (The FMW Team) deliver something unique rather than just copying something.

He has won several awards. Recently he received special recognition award/trophy from Lions Club of Pune Artlovers for his participation in Photofest2018 Exhibition.

Siddhant has a friendly personality and he handles internal/external co-ordination with 100% trust and transparency. He resolves queries/doubts taking into consideration benefit of all the stakeholders.

P.S. Since Siddhant is working on English Communication, I'm (Kushal) writing about him ;)